Tic Tac

  • Name Tic Tac
  • Country Italy
  • Founded 1969
  • Category Candy
  • Distribution Perú, Venezuela

Tic Tac (officially style as "tic tac") is a brand of small mints, discs, manufactured by the Italian confectioner Ferrero, and available in a variety of flavors, in over 100 countries.

Tic Tac was first produced in 1969 are usually sold in small transparent plastic boxes with hinged lid hinge live action. Originally, Tic Tac dyed specific colors for different flavors. Now, in many countries, the transparent plastic boxes are colored but the actual Tic Tac piece are white.

Besides the original Fresh mint flavor, several new varieties were added as: cinnamon (or "Winter Warmer"), orange, and a mixture of orange and grape (in 1976), spearmint, peppermint, Powermint, sour apple, tangerine, tangarine, berry, orange, strawberry, wintergreen, pink grapefruit, orange and lime together (in 1978), cherry, passion fruit (in 2007), the Granada (2010) , mango, and lime.