• Name Serpis
  • Country Spain
  • Founded 1926
  • Category Olives
  • Distribution Perú, Venezuela

Around the 1920's, Alcoy was a city renowned for its textile industry - a capitalized, educated city in the midst of expansion.

At that time, Cándido Miró Rabasa, a textile businessman from Alcoy, began a new venture that was to culminate in the manufacture of a food product popular throughout the entire world, the Anchovy Stuffed Olives.

SERPIS maintains manufacturing criteria of quality over volume, selection over quantity and rating over price in its business philosophy principals.

SERPIS is not, nor will it be the cheapest brand name on the market; our products occupy a position of very high standing compared to the average that can be found on the shelf. This principle rigorously applied by our founder Mr. Cándido Miró, is maintained under the belief that there are many consumers in the world that are willing to pay a little more for the satisfaction of unbeatable taste and quality.

Because of them and for them, SERPIS will continue to be a benchmark at international level in terms of the authentic taste of the best olives in the world.