• Name Hanuta
  • Country Germany
  • Founded 1982
  • Category Sweet
  • Distribution Perú, Venezuela

Hanuta is a German sweet by Ferrero consisting of sweet hazelnut and chocolate sandwiched between two wafers. The name is an acronym for Hanuta Haselnusstafel, German for "hazelnut bar."

Ferrero used to promote sales regularly draw pictures of cartoon characters and international football matches. For major sporting events like the World Football (1982) and the European Championship give Ferrero, similar to Panini Publishing, a series of photos of adhesive with the German national team players out. Individual images can be found in Hanuta and duplo and children - bolt, two other Ferrero products, respectively, between the two layers of packaging. For each event, a scrapbook and individual images can be ordered so that the collector must tonnes of Ferrero will not buy for a missing image. In addition, the series of images are issued with designs that are known as figures of surprise again and again.