• Name Cuevas
  • Country Spain
  • Founded 1867
  • Category Chestnuts
  • Distribution Venezuela

The long link with this magic fruit Cuevas and undisputed symbol of our cultural and culinary heritage, dating back more than half a century ago, when the major immigrant group residing in America from a distance demand access to the most nostalgic of the fruits of our forests.

Considering that at that period of history Cuevas, its primary business line was agrosilvestres products exporting, feel the moral commitment to bring fresh chestnut to the new continent.

Not only food was shipped, the product was also traveling with the souls of our rainforests and autumn as remained in our memory.

It is precisely on the slopes of these mountains and sedate, cool and deep soils where the best specimens of chestnut and the most exquisite appear, constituting a singular agrosistema and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

The chestnut is a special product for its versatility as clashes between two lives without gastronomic horizons: the traditional and the contemporary. The great versatility of our products allow a basis for the development of a variety of dishes.

From Cuevas, and set our sensitivity to offer a different and unique product, providing our expertise to universal dining scene.