Bonne Maman

  • Name Bonne Maman
  • Country France
  • Founded 1971
  • Category Jams
  • Distribution Perú

Jean Gervoson created Bonne Maman brand in 1971. On the packaging of the brand has not changed since the format itself pot lid on the purpose of a checkered tablecloth and white label with calligraphy and pen. The raw material is controlled from farm to pesticide residues. In 2008-2009, the brand controls 35% of French confectionery market.

In 1997, the brand has diversified cookie Bonne Maman before "launch" in early 2008 for jams and desserts recipes use fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Despite higher than those of its competitors and a limit price date shorter consumption, these two sectors recorded an increase: 8.7% for cookies in the first half of 2009 and the second position in the domestic market desserts2. Give back to the factories in the sector are Auneau and Biars -Sur- Cere (desserts), Avranches and Cons (cookies).

Outside the French market, one third of Bonne Maman products are exported and 10% of other products. Since the creation of the brand, the products are miniaturized to be sold to hotels.