• Name Andros
  • Country France
  • Founded 1960
  • Category Juices
  • Distribution Perú

Andros is a family owned & run business after over sixty years of rapid growth, still headquartered in picturesque France’s southwest countryside, the Andros group remains as strongly committed to its core-business Processing Premium Fruit and to its core-value Quality, as ever.

Andros products embody the pleasure of fruits in its most beautiful expression. Only high quality fruits are selected and conscientiously prepared with no preservative, artificial colour or added flavour, keeping only the fresh taste and vitamins. This is why all Andros products are so healthy.

It is also rewarding: ANDROS is now one leading fruit processor in Europe, having built up a very strong confidence base with HORECA professionals and final consumers alike based on solid brands: Andros, fruitForce, Bonne Maman, Solo Italia, Chef Dessert and Pierrot Gourmand.