• Name Agnesi
  • Country Italy
  • Founded 1824
  • Category Pasta
  • Distribution Venezuela

Agnesi, Italian pasta for excellence

Simply the best: flavor of wheat, yellow sun and perfect cooking performance in more than 100 formats designed to give the maximum flavor to the most demanding consumers. Today, under the leadership of the family Colussi, Agnesi expresses the same values ​​that have made it famous throughout the world.

QUALITY: Agnesi pasta is a high-quality thin folder. A typical characteristic of Liguria and northern Italy, which makes it perfect in combination with Italian seasoning most appreciated in the world: the pesto. The pasta Agnesi guarantees a good protein content and the cooking time faster than other types of pasta spread to the south.

SLOW DRYING: The Recipe Unica, the assets of Pasta Agnesi, slow drying in accordance with the true traditions (15 hours for slow drying Spaghetto Agnesi) are critical to maintaining the nutritional value, taste and rich full grain and a perfect seal in cooking.

TECHNOLOGY THAT PROTECTS THE TRADITION: The technicians Agnesi control step by step a long and unique process where high technology and craftsmanship come together in a unique alchemy. The result is a paste really extraordinary for taste, organoleptic qualities.