Our Distribution Network

In King David, is a pleasure to work hand in hand with distributors and stores to sell all major brands. Please contact us at your nearest city.

Our ADDED VALUE GUARANTEE DISTRIBUTION is based on at every level of the brands represented consistently at the point of sales according to the need of the hour and in the format or channel.


Units of medium and high capacity

  • Customers who concentrate heavier sales
  • Frequency of weekly or fortnightly visit
  • Deliveries in more than 48 hours
  • Routes consolidated by territory

Low capacity units with special cellars for product maintenance

  • Covering failures on DDT customers
  • Customer Care representing most portfolio
  • Frequency weekly visit
  • Drop size with low immediate delivery and payment spot
  • Daily Load


Conventional Storage (Dry)

  • 35% of total capacity
  • Potential physical storage rack systems
  • Opening for the expansion of new facilities for the storage of dry line with volume requirements Brands
  • Compliance with safety and logistical efficiency

Conditioning Storage Refrigerators

  • 65% of total capacity
  • Maintenance storage of perishable foods at +20ºC
  • Maintenance storage of perishable food + 3°C
  • Frozen food storage